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Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt online Training and certification

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This forty-hour training and certification course aims to train and certify individuals to be Lean Six Sigma Green Belts. In addition to the forty-hour training & workshop, two-day coaching & consultation is allotted to provide guidance in the project management of sequential phases of rendering a Lean Six Sigma project. This program is designed to help the organization to improve its business performance.



Course Name          : Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training and Certification
Duration                  : Forty (40) hours
Average Class Size : Eighteen  (18)


  • Preferably a college/ university graduate

  • For non-degree holders, with at least two-year relevant work experience in process improvement

  • Preferably a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt



Participants must

✔  Have 100% attendance (40 hours) in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course (25% weight)

✔  Have passed the online examination (30% weight)

✔ Have successfully completed and submitted a LSSGB project (45% weight)

The weighted average score shall be at least 80% to be a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt course outline

day 1 & 2


  • Certification process

  • LSS Belts, Roles and Responsibilities

  • LEAN Six Sigma Way vs. Traditional Approach

  • History and Overview of LEAN Six Sigma

  • History and Overview of Six Sigma

  • LEAN and Six Sigma

    • Efficiency and Effectiveness

    • Accuracy and Precision

    • Complementary and Contrast of LEAN and Six Sigma

    • Overview of DMAIC Cycle

  • Summary


Overview of Deliverables

  • Identifying Customer Needs

  • Identifying LSS Project

  • Voice of the Customer/Business

  • Categorizing VOC

  • VOC to CTQ

  • Linking Project Y to Business Objective

  • Project Selection

  • Developing Project Objective

    • Developing project charter

    • Defining scope and boundaries

  • Understanding the current Process

    • SIPOC

    • High Level Process Map

    • Detailed Process Map

  • Identifying Quick Wins

day 3 & 4


  • Measure Phase Roadmap

  • Overview of Deliverables

  • Introduction to MINITAB

  • Introduction to MS Excel Functions

  • Developing Operational Definition

  • Basic Statistics

    • Measure of central tendency

    • Measure of dispersion

  • Identifying what and how to measure

    • Identifying output, process and input indicators

    • Understanding data types

    • Sampling

    • Developing data collection plan

    • Measurement System Analysis

    • Baselining performance

    • Run Charts

    • Summarizing performance

    • Basic Statistics

    • Measure of central tendency

    • Measure of dispersion

    • Checking of shape and stability

    • Calculating DPU and DPMO

    • Calculating Sigma Level

    • Summary

day 5 & 6


Analyze Phase Roadmap

  • Overview of Deliverables

  • Data Door and Process Door Approach

  • Identifying Root Causes

    • Value Stream Mapping

    • Fish Bone / Ishikawa Diagram

  • Prioritizing Root Causes

    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

    • Pareto Chart

    • Box Plot


  • Validating Root Causes

    • Comparative Method

    • Correlation and Regression

    • Hypothesis testing

  • Summary

day 7 & 8


  • Improve phase Roadmap

  • Improve phase deliverables

  • Intro and high level overview of Design Thinking

  • Solution identification

    • Brainstorming

    • Six Thinking hats


    • ESSMA

    • Design Thinking ideation tools

    • Improvement Action Plan

  • Solution implementation

  • Result Evaluation


  • Control Phase Road Map

  • Control Phase Deliverables

  • Standardize and Sustain Improvement

  • Confirm goal attainment

  • Control Charts

  • Project Closure

  • Summary

Project Overview Requirements

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

how to register?

1. Fill out the below registration form.
2. Pay registration fee through any of these payment channels:

Wave 12 Schedule : February 5,6,12,13,19,20,26 & 27, 2022 | 1PM-6PM



P26,000.00 - Regular Rate

P22,000.00 - Early Worm until  November 30, 2021

P18,000.00 - Elevate Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Alumni Rate

P16,000.00 - Elevate Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Alumni Rate + Wave Valedictorian

Installment Option (Early Worm) :
First Payment : P7,500.00 - upon registration

Second Payment : P7,500.00 - second day of training
Last Payment : P7,500.00 - last day of training

Installment Option (Yellow Belt Alumni Rate)

First Payment : P6,100.00 - upon registration

Second Payment : P6,100.00 - second day of training
Last Payment : P6,100.00 - last day of training


Account Details

Account Name : G & L Elevate Training Center
Account Number : 007880226734

Account Name: Hermogenes Bringas Jr.
Account Number: 8529551933

​GCash – 09952191669


For Credit Card Payments, please proceed to check out.

For check payments, please make checks payable to G&L Elevate Training Center
Rates are inclusive of digital certificate and original certificate (to be sent to your address)

3. Send the copy of deposit slip/online transfer/Gcash Receipt to

You will receive an email confirmation after payment has been validated.

Early Worm Registration ends on 
November 30, 2021

Registration Form

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